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Fioravante is a Made in Italy design company based in Dubai specialized in the production of finest marble interior design pieces and furnitures. Fioravante creates unique pieces and limited editions in collaboration with international designers.

The production is made in Italy and the brand is based in Dubai facing the innovative environment and working with international designers. Fioravante fuses old-fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Made in Italy goes beyond the borders, spreading its irresistible value around the world. Research, tradition and avant-garde comes together and gives life to a brand aimed to design a renewed creative dimension that awakens dreams and searches in to the hidden spaces of imagination.

The world of design has infinite potential and horizons to explore. Special editions, experimental contents, digital, hyper-real play together and have a fun dialogue in the space of the imagination.

Surrealism, the unconscious and dreams dominate the Fioravante universe. An universe designed to escape from a suffocating reality and to open its perceptive window to the nuances of the indefinite.

A new world and new dimension that we define by setting and contextualize our collections with visual content and animations in a dreamlike and fantastic environment. Creativity for us is a source of liberation, our goal is to convey a message of serenity, peace and harmony.

A state of serendipity that starts in the people’s houses, for us “home” is the intimate refuge of people minds, we want to be part of it and be there to comfort and please your eyes in everyday life. Our products are the material, touchable and visible testimonials of our vision.

The pillars of our works are quality and unicity.

Quality because our products are fully made in Carrara by Italian artisans and with the selection of the finest materials on the market. Unicity in term of the materia, marble is a natural product, every block is different, it means that the product itself is unique. It’s an artwork that nature gifted to us.

We offer collections of products and we also offer a tailor made service. Tailor made is a concept that has a strong culture in Italy.
 Italian tailors are well known around the world for cutting Italian fabrics to create beautiful suits, we do the same, we cut our stones to create
beautiful design pieces.

From the material selection to the finished product, we give full support to the client’s desire in order to have the best result in terms of quality, durability and of course aesthetic. By working closely with the customer, our team can find unique solutions in terms of both product and design.

Like any other art form, design is a mirror of its time. The pieces of furniture we select reflect the best work conceived by great artists and designers around the world today, all handpicked for their relevance and uniqueness. We strongly believe in the talent of each designer we represent and work with them closely in order to follow their creative process, witnessing how new beautiful works are created. Most of all we value their originality and their contemporary take on every single piece of furniture they design.

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