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Airy, refined and elegant design

Light and heavy, opaque and translucent, stillness and movement. The collection demonstrates the duality between two materials marble and glass. 

While one is bold and powerful and the other pure and minimal, the idea is to push the boundaries by using different shapes and scales that challenge the perception to create a synergetic single piece that showcases the beauty of nature in the most seamless way.

The design takes inspiration from the marble quarries, where different blocks and shapes of stone are revealed and extracted from earth.

The use of glass allows the marble to appear in its full dimension while its pure appearance complements, refines, and balances it, thus creating something that is both inviting and provides a full perspective.

ACHIRD FRAME - Fioravante
ACHIRD FRAME Dhs. 4,000.00
ACHIRD ELIPSE - Fioravante
ACHIRD ELIPSE Dhs. 4,000.00
Welcome to an Exciting World of Beauty and Design Beyond Imagination.
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