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2024 Design trends forecasts

According to the stars this 2024 is full of new trends leading international design.

Here are some of the architecture and furniture and trends for 2024. Noble materials, unexpected color combinations and curved shapes are the stars of this year's sky.


Several examples bear witness to this trend, to name but one, Tamara Falcó's spectacular new 190sqm penthouse in Puerta de Hierro, Madrid designed by interior designer Beatriz Silveira, proponent of a style that has come to the fore in recent times: the new classical decoration.

In this apartment, noble materials stand out particularly strongly, in particular, stone: "Natural stones are the stars of the house, for all surfaces: to cover fireplaces, floors, furniture details, etc. Especially marble and limestone that offer warm and pleasant textures while achieving unique effects to create cozy atmospheres in our homes," he explains. He is certainly right. For the past couple of years, marble has been a cornerstone of many renovations, and even IKEA, in its latest trend report, said that high-contrast marble will continue to make waves in the coming months.

Ph. Ricardo Labougle

Color Trends 

Not only "Peach Fuzz," while the Pantone 2024 color will certainly take center stage, alongside it other hues will be favorites for home decor and design.

Olive green, Butter color, Soft black, terracotta, light blue, deep blue, pale pink and raspberry red. These are the 8 key players for this year's décor.

According to Benjamin Moore, a famous American paint manufacturer, the Color Trends palette 2024 is inspired by the concept of "opposites attract," or a balanced mix of sumptuous tones and delicate pastels: "Light and dark, warm and cool come together in an unexpected but convincing way."

Shape trends 

In edgy times, design looks to curves. For some time now, angles and corners have been in retreat to make way for curved lines and soft shapes-perhaps they had realized they were too angular for the times. Rigidity retreats and a more enveloping and friendly approach to design takes prominence.

Our rounded Caph coffee table is a play of shapes. 

The word of the year in design "Quiet Luxury"

Attention to detail, natural beauty, simplicity of form-this is the new luxury.
No ostentations of grandeur and wealth, no noisy demands for attention and accumulation of objects. It is a soft caress of textures, forms and materiality, whispering luxury rather than shouting it. It is not so much about the things we put in a space, but about the space itself and the way it makes us feel. In recent years, since we spend more and more time in our homes, the focus seems to have shifted to the walls around us, seeking a place to escape the outside world, a calm, zen-like landing place. However, this new trend for design has always existed, it had just been hiding somewhere."

"Quiet luxury" means simply & beauty design, as we want to propose products that enhance the marble in all of its beauty, our collection embrace this concept at the fullest. 

From noble materials and gradient colors to the new concept of “quiet luxury”, we find recurring elements in our first collection at all points in this constellation of trends.

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