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A story of charming & eternal beauty

Versatile, precious and elegant: marble always remains among the most beloved materials.

A noble material that has captivated designers and design lovers for centuries.

Colored or white, with more or less obvious grain and texture it gives each object
a marvelous uniqueness.

A versatile and majestic material that, thanks to its innate strength, lends itself to a variety of uses both for wall coverings and for the creation of bathtubs, sinks and furniture accessories.

Marble is indeed capable of passing unscathed through the advancing years.

For example, a good kitchen countertop can last up to 25 years without damage if it is cleaned and cared for properly. In addition, being detached from trend influences ensures environments have a timeless impact and beauty .



It comes from Mother Earth and as we find it, it lends itself particularly well to specialized and novel craftsmanship that allows it to take on a thousand faces and functionalities.

Its luster and varied colors make it suitable for fitting into both classic and contemporary settings.

Thus, the skill of the designer and the architect lies in creating a skillful play of combinations, with materials, shapes, textures and colors that allow marble to take center stage, or to put itself at the service of the environment in which it fits by adding a delicate touch of elegance and preciousness to any space .

Our favorite adjectives and attributes to describe marble?


Contrary to popular belief, marble is among the most sustainable materials on the market, and its extraction is monitored and controlled with strict parameters.

Far less CO2 is emitted in the processes than is released to process other materials such as wood or plastic.


What makes marble so valuable are precisely the parameters that govern its extraction.

Some quarries cannot be accessed at certain times of the year, and very often it is necessary to wait a long time to finally obtain the much sought-after material.

In addition,  quarries as caskets contain endless multitudes of marbles and do not guarantee that a block will be the same as one previously mined.

Searching for the perfect marble is painstaking and complex, fascinating research work that often leads to the discovery of unexpectedly sublime options.


No wonder how this material captures the eye with irresistible magnetism.

The energies of the earth flow within the mountains hurling their power at the stone, the veins they generate can be interpreted as the brushstrokes of a skilled painter.

Our favorite artist is undoubtedly Mother Nature, and each plate is an amazing work of art for us.

Have a look on some of the most loved colors for this summer 2024.

Find below our summer 2024 exotic selection!


Arista: Nature’s Touch in Interiors


Berenice: Intense as a mid summer storm


Yellow marble: Powerful as a Ray of Sun 

Morenita: Icy & colorful as a delicious Italian granita


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